Glamour. Glitz. Tradition.

For the perfect Melbourne Lebanese wedding venue look no further than The Luxor.

The Luxor, will transform your wedding reception dreams into reality.

Nathalie Moussi is the owner of Luxor and is herself of Lebanese descent. At Luxor she shares her passion about the bridal industry, her family’s illustrious 70 years of experience in Melbourne hospitality, and love of food and wine. Allow your family to feel right at home with Nathalie as she is easily able to converse in Arabic and understands her very own culture.

Drawing from trends both from Lebanon and at home in Australia, Nathalie knows exactly what it takes to create a memorable Lebanese wedding for her clients.

Old world glamour and attention to detail are just some of the words used to describe this stunning venue by past customers.

Create a glamorous celebration

Lebanese glamour and tradition are combined at The Luxor.

A stunning central staircase makes a bold impression when you enter the space. Its polished bannisters and scale make it wide enough to accommodate the most dramatic of Zaffets.  Amongst the swords, flames and Tabal, the bride and groom can make the grandest of traditional entrances and create unforgettable wedding photos.

Let’s not forget the dancing on the large circular and sunken dancefloor. Only at The Luxor can you embrace the Lebanese Dabke in comfort making room for everyone to enjoy the party.

The Luxor is an ideal choice for a large seated Lebanese wedding reception, whilst offering value for money. For example, the food is both delicious and plentiful at The Luxor with a Mediterranean influenced modern Australian menu and generous serving sizes. You can also enjoy unlimited beer, wine, sparkling, soft drinks, juices and water, being replenished by our table staff, continuously.

Our commitment to your special day

Your Lebanese wedding vision is brought to life, by our attentive and focused team. Luxor’s managers understand the importance of creating the best day of your life. Attention to detail, care and consideration is our point of difference.

We invite you and your family to visit and see what The Luxor can do for you and your special occasion. Contact us today.