Melbourne wedding venue

As one of Melbourne’s leading wedding venues, The Luxor at Taylors Lakes will help you to create long-lasting memories of your wedding. If you’re looking for a space with the perfect ambience to hold an unforgettable wedding reception, The Luxor is the right venue for you.

With classical grand staircases and high ceilings, The Luxor is more than just a function venue – it’s an experience.

Your first entrance as husband and wife is guaranteed to be with old-world glamour and style at The Luxor. High ceilings and spacious rooms designed around centralised circular dance floors await your family and guests, ensuring they are seated in comfort and style – with a perfect view of the bridal party.

Our sunken dance floors, encased in ornate iron balustrading and comprising rich parquetry, are perfect for your first dance as husband and wife.

Large and spacious, our dance floors will ensure you dance the night away to modern beats or traditional cultural dances including Greek, Macedonian, Italian, Albanian, Maltese and Middle Eastern  – and the dancing will be every bit as memorable as the wedding ceremony.

The restaurant-style menu embraces a variety of modern Australian and Mediterranean influences. Choose from our chef’s signature dishes, including traditional favourites with a modern twist, and enjoy the culinary expertise and elegance of The Luxor.

Size does not matter as our two wedding reception rooms can accommodate small to large weddings and can fit hundreds of your friends and family.

The Luxor Function Centre ensures your wedding reception is a special day that will never be forgotten. Take a look at our wedding venue reviews to see why people choose The Luxor, and contact us to book an appointment.

Wedding reception catering & room hire

At The Luxor we embrace all wedding traditions. This means we have packages available for the most traditional of weddings through to cultural wedding flavours and styles such as Asian, Indian or Sri Lankan.

Versatility is what makes The Luxor stand out from your average Melbourne wedding venue. We have backdrops for any style of wedding. Our Ballroom and Alexandria rooms have ample space so weddings with a cultural flavour can easily be arranged.

Food service can be set up for traditional three-course meals or family-style serving. Our approved wedding caterers will ensure you enjoy fine cuisine and quality and personal service.

Lebanese Weddings

Aywah!! Glamour. Glitz. Tradition. For the perfect Melbourne Lebanese wedding venue look no further than The Luxor. The Luxor will transform your wedding reception dreams into reality. Owner Nathalie Moussi shares her passion of the wedding industry, her family’s illustrious 70-years experience in Melbourne hospitality, and a love of food and wine. Drawing from trends...

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Macedonian Weddings

For the full glamour of a Melbourne Macedonian wedding reception venue, look no further than The Luxor. To experience one of Melbourne’s largest wedding venues, with a commitment to making your special day spectacular, The Luxor, will transform your wedding reception dreams into reality. Founder and owner Nathalie Moussi, brings the passion, with 15 years’...

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European Weddings

Opa! Andiamo!! For the perfect Melbourne European wedding venue look no further than The Luxor. Here at The Luxor we specialise in Greek, Italian, Maltese, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and Albanian weddings amongst other European nationalities! We are also a go-to Arab wedding venue and Lebanese wedding reception venue in Melbourne. The Luxor, will transform your...

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Other Wedddings

As one of Melbourne’s leading wedding venues, The Luxor at Taylors Lakes will help you to create your perfect day.  We are experienced in creating the perfect atmosphere no matter your style or cultural background. We can cater for Egyptian, European, Filipino, Indian, Iraqi, Turkish, Vietnamese and Australian style weddings. Please contact us to discuss...

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